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B.A. (H) Multi Media and Mass Communication (BMMMC) is a self-financed UGC approved course run only by I.P College under the University of Delhi.“The curriculum is focused on imparting technical skills in various areas of mass communication and mass media, theoretical knowledge and perspectives which determine their nature and use, and a historical and social understanding of their dynamics, which is so important in a metamorphosing, unequal, globalised world where the power and ownership of the means of communication may change the fate of nations”.The course remains inter-disciplinary and aims at producing a practitioner with a critical and analytical mind, who is holistically trained in theory and the praxis of communication and has hands-on training in a wide range of media technology and media practices. I.P. College has the infrastructural wherewithal to the make required facilities available to run the course.

Admission to this course is through Entrance Exam

Eligibility :
General : 75% aggregate of best of four including 85% in English.
OBC/CW : 70% aggregate of best of four including 70% in English.
SC/ST : 65% aggregate of best of four including 65% in English.

*CW stands for Children/Wives, specifically of Army officials.

Total Seats: 52