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About the Course: This Programme is Ideal for students studying in class 12th. Course completion once alongside with class 12th over the weekends from June-Dec. and will resume just after the Boards till the Entrance Exams.

This Course is Offered in Two Phases :

Course Highlights : A total of 400+ extensive teaching hours.200+ extensive teaching hours throughout the year             from June-Dec along with revision of the course.

SPRINT-SAAR : Students of this Programme will resume their classes in SPRINT-SAAR. i.e (200+ extensive             teaching hours, just after boards till Entrance Exams)

Free Online Classes: Extensive coverage of complete syllabus. No fear of missing any class

Student Support : Offline and Online 24*7 support for students covering everything related to studies             (Motivation, Counselling, Doubt Sessions, Form Filling Assistance, etc.)

Comprehensive Study Material : Easy and Most Relevant, making study funny and interesting.

Progress Report : Regular Online and Offline Tests which includes Class- Wise Revision Tests, Exam Oriented              Speed Tests,Regular Practise Sectional Tests,Realistic Mock Tests,Daily Vocab,Daily Current Affairs,Daily GK.

Beyond Entrance : Preparing Students Overall Personality from Expert Personality Development Trainers.